Case Studies

How the Career Ready Guide Transforms the Reach and Impact of Career Centers

ISSUE: Employers report students lack success skills upon graduation. Many career centers have small staffs and limited resources.

SOLUTION: The Career Ready Guide assists career centers to facilitate faculty buy-in and empower students to develop their career ready skills.

Sarah Kersey Otto
Career Center Director

“The Guide has been an answer to our prayers. It allows us to reach far more students than our small staff could otherwise possibly have time to.”

Donna Davis
Career Center Faculty Director

“A lot of career center directors in the region were having similar goals but facing similar obstacles. We found this solution.”

Linda Peacock-Landrum
Career Services Director

“The biggest advantage is that it covers the topics well but is not overly time-consuming.”

Linda Flynn
Career Services Director

“The Career Ready Guide is affordable for my students. It is teaching them something that is valuable, and it is filling a need.”

Kerri Day Keller
Career Center Executive Director

“I love the Career Ready Guide because it’s ready-made and includes great modules for students to work through independently.”

Jill Boatright
Career Center Director

“The Career Ready Guide fit
nicely into the things we were already doing.”

Student Feedback on Career Ready Guide

from thousands of students who have completed the guide:

now recognize the importance of developing their career ready competencies

have a goal to further develop at least one competency in the next month

believe it is important for other students to have access to this guide

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