Custom Videos

Hire CareerSpots to Create YOUR Custom Videos

Don’t have time to put your video together OR don’t want to hassle with the details? Let CareerSpots create your custom videos at an affordable cost.

We know students and recent grads, we know storytelling, and we know how to effectively put the two together to put your organization’s best foot forward.

Our veteran production team will handle all the details from storyline creation through the final production including:

  • Creative Development
  • Interviewing
  • Production
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Post production

For pricing and questions, please contact Kathy at 610-325-3993 or

Some Recent Projects

Wealth Watch: Planning for Retirement Healthcare Costs

We produced a series of videos for Wealth Watch with Certified Financial Planner Peter Stahl. These videos discuss the convergence of retirement health care and financial planning and provide knowledge for planning retirement healthcare costs.

Clery Center for Security on Campus:
Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training Video

We produced this training video for the Clery Center for Security on Campus to help universities and colleges train their Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) on sexual violence. This video features students and professionals from campus safety, student affairs, and law enforcement, and helps CSAs understand their role and responsibilities under the Clery Act.

Clery Center for Security on Campus: Responsible Employee Training Video

The Responsible Employee Training Video features the voices of sexual assault survivors and professionals from campus safety and student affairs. It was produced for the Clery Center for Security on Campus and the Victim Rights Law Center to help responsible employees understand their role and responsibilities under Title IX.

University of Maryland Testimonials

We created a series of testimonials for the University Career Center at the University of Maryland. These short video clips are a persuasive and efficient way to feature the career center team’s services and expertise.

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