Be OPEN to Opportunities
Being flexible can help you land an internship/co-op. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one career aspiration. Recruiters and young professionals offer tips on how to be open to opportunities.
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  • Video ImageBe OPEN to Opportunities
    Being flexible can help you land an internship/co-op.
    Runtime: 01:10
  • Video ImageStart Early-Get Ahead!
    Get a head start on the competition!
    Runtime: 01:58
  • Video ImageMake Career Fairs Count
    Make a stellar first impression with these tips!
    Runtime: 02:01
  • Video ImageUse Your Career Center
    Rely on the career experts right on your campus.
    Runtime: 01:37
  • Video ImageNetwork Now-Pays Off Later
    It’s all about WHO you know!
    Runtime: 01:48
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