Every Interaction is An Interview
Know these tips to ensure you make the right impression. Your internship interview is just the beginning. Learn how to impress so you are invited back!
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  • Video ImageInterview the Company
    Remember an interview is a two-way street!
    Runtime: 01:29
  • Video ImageConfidence is KEY
    Learn how to be on the top of your game during an interview.
    Runtime: 01:41
  • Video ImageImportance of Storytelling
    Nail your interview using this technique.
    Runtime: 01:39
  • Video ImageEvery Interaction is An Interview
    Know these tips to ensure you make the right impression.
    Runtime: 01:50
  • Video ImageTHANK YOU Matters
    It doesn’t matter how you say it. Just say it!
    Runtime: 01:59
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