The Interview
The resume gets you in the door; the interview gets you the job! Hear firsthand what to say, what NOT to say, and how to best present yourself.
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  • Video ImagePhone Etiquette
    Tips to handle an interview artfully by phone.
    Runtime: 01:46
  • Video ImageThe Interview
    Know how to knock them dead!
    Runtime: 03:45
  • Video ImageTop 10 Interview Mistakes
    Know how to shine in an interview.
    Runtime: 03:50
  • Video ImageOnline Video Interviews
    Know how to interview on Skype and more.
    Runtime: 2:13
  • Video ImageBehavioral Interviewing
    Be prepared for this popular type of interviewing.
    Runtime: 3:45
  • Video ImageNo Google Answers
    Master the "what are your strengths" question.
    Runtime: 01:10
  • Video ImageAsk Tough Questions
    Knowing inside information is critical.
    Runtime: 01:22
  • Video ImageInterview the Interviewer
    Ask employers the tough questions.
    Runtime: 01:16
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