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NASPA Regional Conference

CareerSpots was pleased to be a sponsor and session presenter at the 2019 NASPA Region II & Region III Conference in Washington, DC in June! Thank you to those who attended our session hosted by CareerSpots founder, Kathy Egan and Dr. Adam Peck entitled “Beyond Articulation: Using Reflection to Promote Skill and Intellectual Development for Career Success.”

Competency Symposiums

CareerSpots participated in this year’s 2019 Competency Symposium at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Check out the video CareerSpots produced at the bottom of this page which includes key takeaways on career readiness from the symposium, which was attended by a record 420 university and college career development professionals. CareerSpots also attended the prior two symposiums at Washington University in St. Louis in 2018 and Clemson University in 2017.

2019 NACE Conference and Expo

Thank you to those who attended our sponsored NACE panel session, “Real World Career Readiness: Engaging Students and Integrating Competencies on Campus.” The ballroom was packed with 150 attendees! The panel featured leading career development professionals who shared their campus-wide career ready initiatives and detailed how they are implementing the competencies at their universities.

SoACE 2018 Annual Conference

At SoACE in December 2018, CareerSpots introduced and sponsored keynote speaker, Dr. Adam Peck, a student affairs professional for 23 years who co-authored “Engagement & Employability: Integrating Career Learning Through Cocurricular Experiences in Postsecondary Education,” which was published by NASPA in 2017.

NACE Career Readiness Roundtables

CareerSpots has supported and participated in several NACE Career Readiness Roundtables at University of Wisconsin, New York University, Detroit Mercy University, and Penn State University.

Career Readiness Think Tank

CareerSpots sponsored the Career Collective Think Tank on career readiness at the University of Delaware, where founder Kathy Egan shared how the Career Ready Guide develops awareness to help students articulate their value to employers.

2019 NASPA Region II & Region III Conference
Washington, DC

SoACE Annual Conference
Atlanta, Goergia

Competency Symposium 2019
Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

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