What Students Are Saying


Furman University Student

“I feel like I can better express who I am to any potential employer or to any person I’m trying to network with.”

Univ. of California Santa Cruz Student

“The Career Ready Guide is an amazing tool I think all undergrad students should utilize during their college experience.”

Drexel University Student

“The most valuable part of the guide was its ability to synthesize and communicate information.”

Millersville University Student

“The Career Ready Guide has definitely prepared me for a professional work environment.”

Quinnipiac University

“I learned a lot about myself, what I thought I was proficient in and the areas I need to improve on.” 

Virginia Tech Student

“Learning these career ready skills is something that I’m going to use going forward.”

What Schools Are Saying


DeSales University
Kristin Eicholtz 
Exec. Dir. Career Development Center

“The Career Ready Guide has been an absolute blessing for us to support what we do because it’s great, solid content.”

University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Ryan Kauth
Adjunct Professor

“Students now have confidence with mock interviews, job shadowing, and going to career services to ask for help.”

Northwestern University
Natalie Champagne 
Asst. Dir. of Ext. Rel. & Career Mgmt.

“The Career Ready Guide was a great way for me to introduce NACE’s 8 competencies to my STEM students.”

Montclair State University
Linda Flynn
Career Services Director

“The guide is affordable for my students. It’s teaching them something that’s valuable, and it’s filling a need.”

Kansas State University
Kerri Day Keller
Career Center Executive Director

“I love the guide because it’s ready-made and includes great modules for students to work through independently.”

Loyola University, New Orleans
Jill Boatright
Career Development Center Director

“The Career Ready Guide fit nicely into the things we were already doing. It’s a great tool and a tremendous time saver!”