What People Are Saying

Hear what students, universities, and colleges are saying about the Career Ready Guide!

Danielle – Penn State University

“After going through this course I feel like I’m better prepared to communicate with others and work as a team and also stand out as a leader in my internship.”

Heather – Virginia Tech

“Learning these career ready skills is something that I’m going to use going forward. Something that can really help me get that job or get that internship.”

Natalie – Northwestern University

“The Career Ready Guide was a great way for me to introduce NACE’s 8 competencies to my stem students. They got a chance to talk about diversity and how leadership is important. It was a great opportunity to have smaller discussions with students and getting them engaged and learning about the competencies.”

Matthew – Millersville University

“The Career Ready Guide has definitely prepared me for a professional work environment. It’s taught me ways to network and made me more aware of the skills that I need to improve on.”

Audrey – Millersville University

“Students have developed things they can take and put in a portfolio and then when they’re actually going to job interviews, they can use that text and that summary for use in a job interview.”

Sarah – Eastern Michigan University

“The Career Ready Guide is an opportunity for students to really infuse their knowledge and reflect on where they are lacking. The guide is in a format that students really like to engage in and it captures their attention and keeps them coming back for more.”

Kerri – Kansas State University

“We used the Career Ready Guide for a new class. It’s an easy resource to use in place of a textbook. It was very engaging for students to utilize and it was very convenient as an assignment for our class.”

CareerSpots founder Kathy Egan is often asked “what are students saying about the Career Ready Guide?”

So, Kathy went straight to the source! She visited with Millersville University students completing the Career Ready Guide for a career planning class. Click the video to hear what the students shared!

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