Career Ready Guide

Case Study

How career director Kerri Day Keller used the Career Ready Guide as a textbook to support internship prep

“I love the Career Ready Guide because it’s ready-made and includes great modules for students to work through independently, all based on career readiness.”

Kerri Day Keller, Career Center Director

Kerri Day Keller teaches an internship preparation class. It’s a short, condensed online course offered between the traditional semesters. When Kerri started designing the curriculum, she figured she’d need to find videos and articles on career readiness and create her own online content to support the course. The challenge was she had no time to do it, I was going to pay a graduate assistant to put something together, but it was around the same time that the Career Ready Guide launched so I was like ‘why would I do all that when it’s already been done!’”

Kerri was relieved she didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” and found the guide to be the perfect plug and play solution needed to teach her students about career readiness. “The guide has been the textbook for my internship course. It’s affordable and very easy to implement.”

The format of the guide, which focuses on one competency per chapter, is something that also appeals to Kerri. The first week students completed the first four chapters, and then they picked another four chapters at the end of the class. It was nice to be able to give them the option of choosing which chapters to go through and what was most meaningful to them.”

The feedback from Kerri’s students has been positive. The mix of video and interactive activities keeps them engaged and eager to learn more. “It’s contributing in very positive ways. Students like the fact that it’s all online and self-guided. It also gives us some common terminology on career readiness which we’re always looking for, so it’s been a great fit.”

“One of the things I really like about the Career Ready Guide is that it’s a resource that could be made available to all of our students. It can be scaled up at a high volume. Plus, it’s very affordable as a ‘textbook’ which is a big strength in terms of pricing for this type of service.”


of Kansas State University students now recognize the importance of developing their career ready competencies after completing the Career Ready Guide