Career Ready Guide

Case Study

How Career Center Faculty Director Donna Davis
engaged faculty to use the guide in their classes

“What we were really looking for were two things: a common language around skills that we can use with students… and a way to talk with faculty about including skills in their syllabi and about making the connections really clear for students.”

Donna Davis, Career Center Faculty Director

Career Center Faculty Director Donna Davis wanted to reach students in classes with information about career readiness. However, it wasn’t sustainable or even possible for her to do the class visits herself. Having faculty teach it in relevant classes seemed like the solution, but how to achieve that without a lot of faculty research and curriculum revision? “There weren’t really any ‘plug-and-play’ options for faculty or students.” Then Donna found the Career Ready Guide which offers “the best, easiest solution with the most solid content.” A ready-to-go option that could be brought simultaneously to many students, permitting self-pacing without requiring faculty to develop content.

Donna realized, “A lot of the career center directors in the region were having similar goals of skills instruction but facing similar obstacles.” As the grant coordinator for a Skills Symposium in the San Diego region, Donna included the Career Ready Guide as a key resource. Now MiraCosta is one of ten colleges in the region collectively implementing the guide. How is MiraCosta using the guide? The cohorts are numerous: student workers, career and life planning classes, internship and co-op classes, career and college success classes, a sociology class, a student club, and visitors to the Career Center.

“Students even come in to my office often and say ‘That was great. I’m so glad we had to do that!’ They really appreciate it. They get a lot out of it.”


of MiraCosta students believe it is important for other students to have access to this guide to learn about the competencies

“I am more confident about the way I navigate and market myself in an interview… I have learned more about how to develop my leadership and team working skills in creating an effective environment.”
Khadijah, MiraCosta Student

“As a result of the Career Ready Guide I am confident in many different areas. I am confident in my ability to go into an interview fully prepared with tips to look out for and how to be ready.”
Avery, MiraCosta Student