Career Ready Guide

Case Study

How Career Services Director Linda Flynn spent $0 of her budget to use the Career Ready Guide

“As far as advice for other career professionals, if you do your homework and find out what’s out there, you will come back to this product. It is affordable for my students, it is teaching them something that is valuable, and it is filling a need.”

Linda Flynn, Career Services Director

Career Services Director Linda Flynn was trying to manage her work load while simultaneously meeting individually with her internship students, but she couldn’t keep up, “I’ll be honest with you, the amount of interns I had was too great to have individual meetings with all the students.” She needed a solution that would accommodate her need to meet with each student without spending extra time or money. The Career Ready Guide was her answer.

The guide provided Linda an opportunity to teach her 2-credit career development hybrid course that prepares students for internships and the next steps in their career. “The Career Ready Guide is the perfect tool to be using in any type of career development or internship prep class. It’s an excellent tool to make students really think about their competencies, and it goes well as an online or hybrid component.”

Linda was able to use the Career Ready Guide at no cost to her department with the “student pay” option. Just like students purchase textbooks, they paid for the guide as a course material. Linda says: “Students really get a lot out of it. I love it, and I really encourage our students to use it.”

“My students have really learned to enjoy it, and what I have gotten back from them is, ‘you know, it really made me think.’”


of Montclair students have a goal to further develop at least one competency in the next few months after completing the Career Ready Guide

“This Career Ready Guide helped open my eyes to things I did not even think mattered for a career. I am also motivated to try new things such as LinkedIn which I did not really see the importance of before.”
Michael, Montclair Student

“I will use this information going on interviews; I know what to say and how to say it. I will look over my resume and make sure it is written to the Career Guide’s standards. Now I have the knowledge and outline to help me get the career I’ve been wanting.”
Celine, Montclair Student